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Teachers with Bio Links

The following chart is intended to organize the associated teacher biographies that are under construction. We also hope that some general order will - somehow - emerge and provide a bit of context for the reader with respect to the progression of teacher's hands that the art has passed through. We do not pretend to know all the students of a teacher and we are uncomfortable viewing this collection of lists as even a partial lineage. Instead, it is a intended to provide a way to track the branching of the particular styles featured at chiflow through teachers back to the trunk of the tree, if not the root. Observe that the listing of the generation of a teacher can be problematic. For example, Chuan You was a student of Yang style founder Yang Luchuan but also of his son Yang Ban Hao.

    • Founder
      • First Generation Student
        • Second Generation Student
          • Third Generation Student
            • Fourth Generation Student
              • Fifth Generation Student


Yang Style Taijiquan

  • Yang Luchuan


Wu Style Taijiquan


Liang Gong Shi Ba Fa (Liangong in 18 exercises)

Wang Zhi Ping (Progenitor)


Jiang Rong Qiao Style T'ai Chi Chang Ch'uan


Xingyiquan (Hebei style - Liu Qi Lan branch)

Ji Long Feng (Progenitor)