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Bio of Gerald A. Sharp

GERALD A. SHARP began his studies at the age of 12 in the martial arts with Shorin Ryu and Shotokan Karate. At age 14 he had his first experience with Chinese Kung Fu studying Shaolin Five Animals. Not realizing the long range benefits of Martial Arts practice, he stopped after some time. Shortly after coming to Los Angeles in 1981, he began training with many Teachers in the Los Angeles area including: Master Xu (Veera Vassantachart), Li Mei Ling, K.C. Hom, Jiang Hao Quan, Doc Fai Wong, Chao Li Chi, Dr. Carl Totton, and received feedback on Bagua and Xingyi from Wu Bin (Jet Li's Teacher), Liu Yu (Wushu Professional), Henry Look, Stuart Charno, and John P. Painter, advice on Taiji form with Zhang Xue Xin, Jane Hallander, and Bruce Wolfe, as well as feedback in Push Hands from Don Ethan Miller and Joe Lopez.

In 1990, Sharp would travel to China several times over a ten-year period, studying the Wu style T'ai Chi Ch'uan with Teacher Ma Yueh Liang, son-in-law of Wu Chian Chuan, and Chian Chuan's eldest daughter, Wu Ying Hua (Being accepted formally as their student). Sharp also studied Chen style and Yang style with Zhou Yuan Long (Who drew the famous drawings of Chen Zhao Kwei, Chen Fake, Yang Cheng Fu, Jiang Rong Qiao, and many others), and Chi Kung with Ju Beng Yi (Top Disciple of Guo-Ling).

Sharp studied Pa-Kua Chang, Hsing-I Chuan, and Nei Jia Kung Fu with Zou Shuxian (Top disciple and adopted daughter of Jiang Rong Qiao), as well as a variety of internal weapons forms and two man forms with Cheng Jie Feng a top internal martial arts Teacher in Shanghai. Sharp also studied Hsing-I with Jiang Hao Chuan and Deng Fu Xing (Top disciple of Dong Zhi Ying). In 1993, Sharp was recognized as a 4th Degree Black Belt Instructor by ATAMA (American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts).

Sharp is the only Westerner to practice Push Hands publicly with Ma Yueh Liang, and be certified by him in T'ai Chi application.

Teacher Gerald A. Sharp\'s accreditation and awards include: Wu style T\'ai Chi Ch\'uan system (Fast Form, Sword, Knife, Spear) from Ma Yueh Liang and the Wu Chian Chuan TaiChiChuan Association, which he is a member; Certificate of training in the Nei Jia system of Jiang Rong Qiao from Zou Shuxian; Certificate of training in Chen style T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Nei Jia Kung Fu with Cheng Jie Feng; Certificates of training in Chen style T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Series I, II, sword, and Push Hands) from Zhou Yuan Long; Certificate in the Guo Ling Chi Kung system from Ju Beng Yi; As well as, many first places in competition and exhibition both in the United States and China including: 1991 AAU Nationals (Council Bluffs, IA: First Place in Six Events: Pa-Kua Chang, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Sword, Broadsword, Push Hands, Open Division; 1992 International Chinese Internal Martial Arts Championships, San Francisco, CA (Grand Champion and First Place in Chen and Wu forms, Second Place Push Hands); 1993 Tiger Balm International Chinese Martial Arts Championships, San Francisco, CA (First Place: Pa-Kua Chang form, Second Place: Internal Weapons); and 1994 World Grand Wushu Festival, Shanghai, P.R. CHINA (4 Gold: Chen hand form, Chen sword form, Wu Fast Form, Wu spear form; 2 Silver: Hsing-I Hand Form, Hsing-I Weapon).

Sharp has also enjoyed and benefitted greatly from his Boxing and Kickboxing studies with Javier Diez and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Todd Nathanson. Sharp has adopted Ma Yueh Liang's motto, "Never Give Up," and like Teacher Ma (and many others past and present) does not support the "Master" system of disbelief that some students are misled by and taken advantage of. Instead, all practitioners, advanced or otherwise, are learners for life.


  1. Gerald A. Sharp practicing a "Bursting Fist Turn Back" from Xingyiquan’s Five Elemental Fists with Martial Arts and Grappling adept, coach, and teacher, Larry Watanabe
  2. Ma Yueh Liang teaching Gerald A. Sharp Wu Chian Chuan style T'ai Chi Spear
  3. Jiang Rong Qiao's daughter, Zou Shuxian, applying "Fierce Tiger Leaves the Cage" from Jiang Rong Qiao's "Old Eight Palms" of Baguazhang
  4. Cheng Jie Feng demonstrating an application for "Remove the Flowers Joined to the Trees (left)" from the Old Eight Palms of Baguazhang
  5. Zhou Yuan Long transitioning in Chen style's "Six Sealing and Four Closing" posture
  6. Jiang Rong Qiao in "Remove the Helmet from Behind the Head (left)" from the Old Eight Palms of Baguazhang