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Nei Jia Internal Kung Fu

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The Page Where Truth is Questioned and Substance is Spoken

Barry Fishman's Poetry:

  • Supreme Ultimate Fist
  • The Ultimate Illusion: Being Right Side Up
  • Barry's poems are an inspiration and a reflection of his dedication to T'ai Chi practice and its benefits. He is a student of Sophia Delza, and a Wu Style practitioner residing in New York. You can reach him at:

    It's Halloween time, and Dr. Jeremy (in full "Wolf Boy" garb) teaches you how to say: "Werewolf," "large" and "small," "pumpkin," and "my" in Chinese. So don't start howling yet until you can do it in Chinese.

    Telephone Healing?That's what Matthew Klein claims to offer, but what's impressive about this Kabbalistic Healer is the follow-up he does which includes Liangong and various other healing and meditative concepts targeted at getting people to take control of their own lives and be responsisible for their own healing.

    Mike Muratore's Comedy (website): The Only Legit Martial Arts Comedian. Mike is definitely not afraid to speak
    his mind or upset your apple cart. For good or for bad, he is "Mikey Ruthless."

    An Open Letter from Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming, creator of Liangong about the Wen Mei Yu Liangong videos

    The First Chi Flow Newsletter in which I rebuke practitioner George Xu (Xu Guo Ming) about moving
    from inside to outside, or from the waist, instead of naturally from outside to inside and
    keeping the waist at the center of all movements (begins on p. 1).

    Another Chi Flow Newsletter in which I take aim at so called "Masters" in a Temple Ciy park
    whose followers hold their "Masters" up sky high and give them far too much credence (begins on p. 9).

    This is a link to Teacher Ma Yueh Liang doing the Fast Set in Germany in the late eighties. This is a great example of precision and momentum being joined together as art. It also leads to questions for Wu Stylists featured on the cover of tai chi and related martial arts magazines as being lineage holders such as: Why does your form look so radically different than Ma Yueh Liang's, especially if you claim any connection with him whatsoever?

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