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Hsing I Ch'uan (Xingyiquan) Application: 12 Animals style

Snake Take-down

(Xingyiquan and Hsing I Ch'uan are different English translation schemes for the same "Form and Will Fist" martial art.)

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The 12 animals of Hsing I are combinations of the five elements with movements associated with various animals. offers various material, including books and videos, at our linked store site.

We offer some excellent Classic Books on Hsing I Ch'uan:

  • Li Tianji's The Skill of Xingyiquan (Andrea Falk translation). Perhaps the single best book available on the art of Hsing I Ch'uan.
  • Jiang Rong Qiao's Xingyi Motherfist (Joseph Crandall translation). A classic and invaluable text on Hsing I Ch'uan with what we feel is the best translation into English.
  • Jiang Rong Qiao's Xingyi Quan Xingyi Shi Chui and Ba Shi Quan (Joseph Crandall translation). These are the forms that mix and unify of the sets of Hebei Hsing I Ch'uan into an integrated system as passed down by Jiang Rong Qiao, one of the most influential teachers of the 1900's.