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Chiflow is a website primarily dedicated to the study of Nei Jia (internal) Kung Fu: Neijia Kungfu includes
T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan), Hsing-I Ch'uan (Xing-Yi Quan), and Pa-Kua Chang (Baguazhang) as well as Chi Kung (Qigong).
We also offer authentic Liangong in 18 Forms (Lian Gong Shibafa).

Internal Kung Fu Applications

bagua mountain palm  app


href="/html/Applications_BaGua.htm">Check out more about the Bagua Mother Palms

Also see more about Taijiquan, Xingyiquan or Baguazhang using the yellow buttons, and check out more applications
and other related topics using the red buttons. Check out our updated Taijiquan Overview page There are also additional Martial
Applications pages: Neijia Chin Na; Xingyiquan 12 Animals; and Taijiquan Push Hands. Also see
our Yang style and Chen style pages.

The first English translation of the Wu Style Taijiquan Fast Set book is now available at the chiflow store.
Also, check out our newest video series:

The Soaring Crane Chi Kung Two-Part Instructional Series

Like the Crane itself, the Soaring Crane Chi Kung nurtures six main points: round, far, soft, continuous,
slow, and positive. The series also includes a full demonstration of the sixth section, or advanced meditation,
which invites the practitioner to engage the body, mind, and spirit in an active, self-guided meditation.

wu fast set book


Other Chi Kung Videos Now Available at the online store:

Liangong in 18 forms (all three series, featuring Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming)
The Complete Swimming Dragon (Exercises of the Yellow Emperor)
Wu Style T'ai Chi, Chi Kung (8 Methods, Five Elements, with Dr. Ma Yueh Liang)
Yi Quan Comprehensive (with Healing Sounds, Fa-Jing, and Push Hands)
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