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Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Example Martial Application

Transition from Single Whip to High Pat on Horse

This clip was shot during the filming of the Power Push Hands (II) instructional video. In the above sequence, two of Zhao Zang Fang's students play with methods of Wu style as applied to self defense. In this example, a purse snatching is avoided by using the transition from Wu's Single Whip to High Pat on Horse. This video features teachers Zhao Zang Fang and Gerald Sharp showing numerous, effective defenses against chokes, clinches, headlocks, joint and wrist locks, sharp objects, long weapons, and more. One of the characteristics of Taijiquan is that techniques are not the main emphasis. Instead, taken together, form and push hands practice can lead to an intuitive understanding of body dynamics providing a range of possible reactions to a situation. This is a unique set of instructional videos that we are proud to offer exclusively here.


Application: Nei Jia (Internal) kung fu
Purse Snatch Self Defense
wu purse snatch defense.

About Nei Jia kung fu
The approach of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang is to engage the opponent's aggression, maintain contact and exploit the weaknesses in the opponent's situation.
More About Nei Jia (Internal) kungfu

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