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If you have previously purchased any video (DVD or VHS) that has been upgraded with chaptering, features a Master, would like to upgrade to DVD, or perhaps a newer VHS version of the video, please contact us by email and tell us your name, address at time of purchase, product you purchased, the date (or approximate date) of your purchase, and we will advise you of what to do to receive a discount on a newer version. Currently DVD upgrades start at just $20.00 each, while VHS upgrades (with newer or additional material) begin at only $10.00. Step up and get your upgrade today!

**NOTE: Customer will be responsible for additional shipping charges (or sales tax where applicable) on any or all upgrades.


All upgrades are $20.00 (or, $10.00 for VHS) each, except for the Wu Style Eight Methods Chi Kung. This newly converted instructional series was once a demonstration video, and has now been placed in an instructional format in two volumes. For those who have previously purchased the demonstration video of the Wu Style Eight Methods Chi Kung we are offering the opportunity to pick up Volume One only that includes both step-by-step instruction, as well as rare archival footage of Ma Yueh Liang for $50.00 (comes with the title, "Taiji Qigong"). Volume Two of the Wu Style Eight Methods Chi Kung is basically the same as the former demonstration version, except that titles have been added and there is a beautiful, archival photo of Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua.




The Wu Style Slow Set demonstration video has been improved. There are
titles of the individual names of the forms of the entire Slow Set with
a demonstration of Gerald A. Sharp, and video of Grandmaster Wu Ying
Hua doing the entire set.


The Wu Style Taijiquan Spear demonstration video has been improved.
There are spear "basics" demonstrated by Gerald A. Sharp at the
beginning of the video, as well as video of both Grandmaster Ma Yueh
Liang and Wu Ying Hua demonstrating the solo forms and the two person


The Liangong Video Series has been improved with both chaptering and
"next" technology for greater ease in navigation and use.