Wu Taiji Fast Set

Wu Taiji Fast Set
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This elaborate demonstration video has been fully upgraded with new menus and two additional chapters: Fast Set Applications (Self-Defense) and Fast Set Concepts in Push Hands.

The Wu Style Fast Set is Wu's Original Form and it is a Long Combative form containing 94 forms. It was created by Wu Chian Chuan's father, Wu Chuan You, that parented the style known as Wu Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan. While this video is demonstrative in nature it does provide what may be the most comprehensive information to date of Wu Style's original form with a chapter of Ma Lao Shi himself doing the complete fast set, and then presents four demonstrations by an authentic indoor student of Ma Yueh Liang for both comparison and more in-depth information.

Additionally, a special chapter of the form in slow motion is included with the translation of all 94 forms names, and they are specifically labeled as to the beginning and end of each individual form. There are two additional chapters covering how to use this dynamic form both for self-defense and in Taiji Push Hands.

This form is explosive, yet harbors the smoothness, precision, efficiency, and exactness of the Slow Set. In addition to it's leaps, jumps, kicks and more explosive movements, it fosters a main point that of Centrifuge. This form is for those who want to explore T'ai Chi's more explosive, martial qualities, and is presented in Seven Chapters as follows:
Chapter 1: Introduction This selectable introduction shows Sharp's training certificates and photos with both Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua.

Chapter 2: Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Fast Set from a front angle.

Chapter 3: Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Fast Set from a rear angle.

Chapter 4: Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Fast Set from a front, oblique angle.

Chapter 5: Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Fast Set from an oblique, rear angle.

Chapter 6: Slow Motion (Half Speed): Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Fast Set from a front, oblique angle all 94 names of the forms are clearly presented and labeled as to where each form begins and ends.

Chapter 7: Rare archival footage of Ma Yueh Liang, Wu Chian Chuan's, son-in-law, performing the entire Wu Style Fast Set.
NOTE: While the video's quality in this particular chapter is somewhat substandard, the educational content outweighs the limitations of the video footage.

Chapter 8: Wu Fast Set for Self Defense
Gerald A. Sharp demonstrates with three of his top students various defenses, mostly from the stand up position how to ward off, redirect, tie-up, throw, subdue, and tear down various attacks involving grabbing, striking, sweeping, locking, etc.

Chapter 9: Wu Fast Set in Push Hands
Gerald Sharp demonstrates how to use centrifuge, length, neutralizing, spiraling and other related concepts unique to the Fast Set in Push Hands.

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