Wu Broadsword

Wu Broadsword
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Wu Style T'ai Chi Broadsword featuring Gerald A. Sharp with Ma Yueh Liang

This newly chaptered video presents Gerald A. Sharp performing the Wu Style Broadsword from two different angles (with what's known as the difficult ending) plus rare archival footage of both Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang performing the entire form with the "Easy" ending. A special chapter is included with the translation of all 98 forms names of the broadswordform, and they are specifically labeled as to their beginning and end. This intricate Broadsword form is one of the longest T'ai Chi Broadsword forms of all the more commonly known styles. In 98 forms, this form is rich in broadsword techniques, explosive, intricate, precise, and does switch hands at one point.This is an excellent internal broadsword form, and is presented in Five Chapters as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction This selectable introduction shows Sharp's training certificates and photos with both Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hu

Chapter 2: Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Broadsword from a front angle.

Chapter 3: Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Broadsword from a rear angle.

Chapter 4: Slow Motion: Gerald A. Sharp performs the Wu Style Broadsword from the front angle while all 98 names of the forms are clearly presented and labeled as to where each form begins and ends.

Chapter 5: Rare archival footage of Ma Yueh Liang performing the entire Wu Style Broadsword Form.

While the video's quality on this final chapter is substandard, the educational content outweighs the limitations of the video footage.

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