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Pa Kua 72 Leg Techniques

Pa Kua 72 Leg Techniques
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The 72 Leg Techniques (In 8 Sets):

This is Jiang's Cyclical, Post-Heaven form based on the Pre-Heaven Old Eight Palms. Fa-Jing and an increase of cyclical, centrifugal movements dominate the sequences.

Powerful, yet emphasizing balance and symmetry, this form primarily addresses the 72 Terrestial (or, Yin) Elements of the body, but also combines hand and body techniques that address the 36 celestial (or major and minor Yang) channels.

The form stresses low shin kicks, wrapping kicks, ankle stomps, and sweeps. Developing leg strength, as well as attacking and retreating concepts. A must for those looking for more martial concepts in Pa Kua form's practice.

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