Bagua Big Saber

Bagua Big Saber
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This traditional Bagua Big Saber (or Bagua Da Dao) set is passed down from Dong Haichuan. It’s uncanny that more than 200 years later, this sword form emerges from at least two different branches of Dong’s Bagua (and very likely prior to that) and other than some miniscule differences, the form is virtually the same (this is profiled in Joseph Crandall's translation of Guo Zhenya's text of the 47 form version and Jiang Rong Qiao's 45 form version).

The traditional two-handed Bagua Big Saber on average measures 4 to 5 feet in overall length and weighs 7-10 lbs. The form is practiced with a 10 lbs. Traditional Saber, and includes a variety of Bagua stepping methods including: sliding in the mud step, circular and palace stepping, linear walking, box walking, 8-pointed star stepping, etc.

The following chapters are included for this demonstration video:
Intro: Gerald A. Sharp's Bagua lineage is profiled and a brief overview of the Bagua Big Saber is presented.
Front Angle
Rear Angle
Slow Motion Front Angle (w/ titles)

All 45 names of the Jiang Rong Qiao Big Saber are presented and shown precisely as they are performed.
A Special combining Guo Zhenya's book with Jiang's Bagua Big Saber (very similar content) is available on our Book and Video Combos page.

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