Yang Style Taijiquan, Mastering, by Fu Zhong Wen

Yang Style Taijiquan, Mastering, by Fu Zhong Wen
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Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan, by Fu Zhongwen; Translated by Louis Swaim (Paperbback, 226 pp.)

This is the first translation of Fu Zhongwen's book of his adoptive Uncle's Taijiquan. The historic line-art drawings by the late Zhou Yuan Long (which were based on both pictures of Yang Cheng Fu and posings by Fu Zhong Wen) are reproduced here with distinction. Not only is this one of the best documentations we have of traditional Yang Style Taijiquan as taught by Yang Cheng Fu, but Swaim's translation sets a new standard by which all translations of martial arts texts ought to aspire to.

Highlights of the text include: Fu Zhongwen's elucidation of moving points of concentration (or, jindian), Succinct descriptions of Fixed-Step and Active Step Push Hands, as well as Da Lu Translations of the five core "Taiji Classics"

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