Yang Chengfu's T'ai Chi Ch'uan Picture Book

Yang Chengfu's T'ai Chi Ch'uan Picture Book
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"Yang Chengfu's Photographs of Taijiquan," by Shi Yueming (Glossy Paperback, 23 x 18 cm, 81 pp.) (Available Only at Chiflow.com!)

These are 100 of the best photos ever made of Yang Chengfu. These reproductions originally produced in 1931 are presented here in the best user friendly format we've seen to date.

Fifty-nine glossy photos depict the quan postures, Thirty-seven glossies present Yang Chengfu in action doing applications from the form of Yang Style T'ai Chi, and Four demonstrate Yang's Da Lu Formula, or "Four Corners." This is a must have for any Taiji enthusiast, not just students of Yang Style or any of its derivatives, for the quality and rarity of the photographs. Not to mention the historical record of the applications demonstrated as well.

These photos, many measuring nearly 3 x 5 (8.2 cm x 11 cm), are the most comprehensive record yet of one of the greatest legends of Taijiquan who taught such legendary students as Cheng Man Ching, Fu Zhong Wen, and Dong Yingjie to name a few. In fact it was Yang Chengfu who popularized the Yang Style we know today.

The quality is so startling (reprinted on glossy paper) that many of the photos are frameable in their current format, and are suitable for display anywhere; especially in Health Clinics, Studios, or Offices. They are artistic and motivating. Complementing the artistic quality of the photos are the arrangement of the names of the forms both in Chinese and English, so aptly done by a long time student of Fu Zhongwen, and former Secretary General of the Yongnian Taijiquan Society founded by Fu Zhongwen. Many can be enlarged for more detailed inspection or for larger display.

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