Xingyi Za Shi Chui and Ba Shi Quan by Jiang Rong Qiao

Xingyi Za Shi Chui and Ba Shi Quan by Jiang Rong Qiao
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(Plastic binder, 106 pp.) Joseph Crandall's translation of Jiang Rong Qiao's presents an indepth introduction to two of the advanced forms of Xingyiquan. These advanced forms combine aspects of both the Five Fists and the 12 Animals of Hebei Style Xingyi.

Za Shi Chui is sometimes mistakingly called the 12 Animals Linking Form, but, in fact, it is a completely different form created from the combination of aspects of all forms. Therefore, it is mostly referred to as the "Gathering of All Forms" Set.

While it is often difficult for most people to gain insight about the internal art of Xingyi (or any internal martial art), this text is comprehensive, informative, and made much more valuable with a section that presents a concise guide to useful defense applications located at the back of the book.

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