Bagua Sanshou Zhang

Bagua Sanshou Zhang
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(Glossy Paperback, 138 pages, 8 1/2 x 11") This classic Bagua book presents the 64 linear palms of Liu DeKuan, a student of Dong Haichuan. In addition to the line drawings profiling each of the postures and movements and easy flowing text as translated by Nei Jia Kung Fu adept, Joseph Crandall the following chapters of information are presented as follows:

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Eight Trigrams and Bagua Sanshou Palm
Section One-The Legend of the White Turtle
Section Two-Eight Trigrams, Five Elements, and the Twelve Earthly Branches
Chapter 2: Pictorial Explanations of Bagua Sanshou Palm
Chapter 3: Bagua Post Methods
Chapter 4: Bagua Five Elements Palm
Chapter 5: Bagua Moving in Circles Skill

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