Bagua Dao, by Guo Zhenya

Bagua Dao, by Guo Zhenya
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(Glossy Paperback, 50 pages, 8 1/2" x 11") This classic Bagua weapon's form was handed down by Dong Haichuan and is presented here for the first time in English by top practitioner and insightful translator, Joseph Crandall.
What's interesting is that Jiang Rong Qiao's Big Saber is very similar. Jiang learned from Zhang Zao Dong, a student of Dong Haichuan, while the book's author is a grand student of Dong Haichuan. Is this one of the few forms Dong taught his students that has considerably less variation than the other forms?

A video of this form, performed with the traditional 4 1/2 foot long, 8 lb. combat steel broadsword can be found currently under the Bagua Demonstration Videos page, while both the book and video are joined for a discount and can be found on our Book and Video Combos page. For all Bagua and Nei Jia Kung Fu practitioners, this is a superior training regimen to embark on.

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